Sunday, 27 May 2018

who is more wealthy Sandile Shezi or Ref Wayne?

who is more wealthy Sandile Shezi or Ref Wayne?

Sandile Shezi At the age of 23, Sandile Shezi is one of the youngest millionaires in South Africa.

From his early beginnings selling muffins in high school (something he was laughed at for), to trading in all the money that was supposed to be for his education, Shezi has made a big move that has turned him into a businessman and millionaire.

He grew up in the same Durban township as his role model Sandile Zungu. Zungu, who is the executive chairman of Zungu Investments Company Limited, did a program in global leadership at the prestigious Harvard university. “If he can do it, why can’t I?” Shezi said during an interview with CCTV Africa.

“It is not a lot of young people who can make it out of this township and do well for themselves.”

He is now the co-owner and founder of the Global Forex Institute which aims at providing affordable, effective Forex training that works, to the masses. Global Forex Institute empowers the mass on doing the same thing that he did and educating them about Forex.

Ref Wayne
the founder of pipcoin and Africas youngest billionare 

he describes himself as a 21 year old Executive Chairman at African Foreign Exchange Institute. He states that he has a Master’s Degree in Forex Trading obtained from DIY University.

I am a down to earth blue chip pedigree, best of the best, senior executive with highly transferable cross industry skills in Artificial Intelligence(Coding and Programming), Quantum Physics and Currency Trading.

I am widely recognized for taking new, or disruptive ideas to market; strategy, marketing, operations, and leading several investment firms to the forefront. Most importantly I program people to fulfill their dreams and exceed mediocre performance.

Inspiring the youth is what I do best.

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