Are you looking for a job right now? There are a lot of jobs that are offered, including gold field learnership career. One of the biggest company in gold mining, Gold Fields, has 8 mines around the region of South America, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. This company has a commitment to maintain the environment to be as safe as possible and develop their people. To express this care, Gold Fields build strong bonds with local businesses, communities, governments, and cultures, this relationship is based on respect to make sure every party is able to work together in creating sustainable and safe future for everyone.

This company provides careers in an exciting and dynamic industry for individuals with high-performance. There are approximately ten thousand workforces that work across the regions, whether they are on operational sites or corporate offices. The vision of this company is to become the leader in maintainable gold mining. To achieve the vision, this company aim, to be the best gold mining company. All of the work practices are environmentally aware to ensure the benefits and safety for local communities.

There are a lot of benefits by pursuing Gold Fields learnership career. Gold Fields use South African analogy to achieve their success. Just like a lion, this company believes that a successful team consists of great members. This company will encourage its members to give their best while achieving the same goals. The standard benefits that you will receive by joining this company is medical insurance, additional superannuation, performance bonuses, and salary sacrifice choices. You will also able to learn a lot from other members and share your knowledge with them. This type of bonds within the members will enhance the confidence, respect, and trust among the members. Everyone in this company is allowed to give ideas for the sake of developments. Gold Fields believes that every idea will make a difference to either, the company and the members.

Employees are considered as an important assets in Gold Fields. Thus, having developments for your career in Gold Fields is completely possible. This company support its workers to develop their career in a way that they pleased. Each employee has their own development plan that outlines the aims that will assist the employee in developing a rewarding and long term career path on Gold Fields. There are two program that is provided by this company to enhance the development of its employees. Those are:

Leadership Development: this program is available to every Gold Fields workers. It will help you forming your career plan in the company. The programs can be in a form of development and training for new supervisors. Other trainings are also conducted based on your current position and your expected position in the future to support your career growth.

Apprentices: this company offers training to enhance your technical skills in a form of mentoring with most knowledgeable and experienced leaders in Mining Industries.

Diversity is being held high in Gold Fields. By embracing the diversity, this company is able to get benefits from various innovation, knowledge, creativity, and experience from highly diverse employee. With these attributes, this company is able to maintain its foundation despite the diverse challenge that are faced on everyday life. For those of you who want to see

For graduates, Gold Fields also offers a good start in your mining career. These graduates program will mostly covers technical development, tailored mentoring, and intersite exposure. The structured program usually last for 2 or 3 years to help the individual in adapting with the site they are working at. To get further information about Gold Field learnership career based on your needs, visit website.

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