Government jobs available

The government is looking for people to employ now if you are in need of a job you can apply for the government jobs since the coronavirus began people had no option than to stay at home and company were forced to shut down because of the virus and this made people loss their jobs and houses, because of that the government has decided to open jobs opportunity so that they can minimize the unemployment rate in South Africa.

The government is willing to employ more than 300 people who are not qualified and more than 400 people with qualification this chance will assist people to recover what they lost during this time of coronavirus.

People will also be able to sustain their lifes, the government is also giving a grant to people who are unemployed if you are unemployed you can apply for that grant,

if you are intrigued in this opportunity you can read the following requirement when you are done you can upload your CV here are the requirement


Grade 10 and above
be able to communicate in English
willing to work overtime
good communication
Team player
Here are available position

office cleaner
Security grand
Social workers
and many more check here
Please note the following:

All candidates need to register a profile in order to apply for available vacancies
Scan and upload certified documents and, if shortlisted, bring along a certified copy of your ID and qualifications along to the interview.
Please answer the criteria questions truthfully as you upload documents will act as proof that you do meet the minimum requirements.
Late applications will be disregarded, therefore, make sure you submit your application on or before the closing date and time as stated on the advert.
Make sure that you qualify and meet the minimum requirements before applying for a job. Read the whole job specification shown in the advertisement to see if you qualify and if any specific conditions have been highlighted in the advertisement.
If you do not get feedback within 3 months after the closing date, please consider your application as unsuccessful.

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