VW Youth Employment System For X500 Young People All Provinces Required


VW Youth Employment System For X500 Young People All Provinces Required

The Volkswagen Youth Employment System last year provided jobs for 560 unemployed young people and is now open until 2020.

Volkswagen Corporation South Africa has partnered with the Youth Employment Service Foundation (YES) and other organizations to build job opportunities for unemployed youth as part of the Presidency-led public-private initiative to address the country’s ongoing youth unemployment crisis.


Wimpy job Application

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Cleaners and general workers are needed at the hospital

Qualification requirements:
Get clear documentation with SA ID available.
Should be about 18 – 34 years of age (as this category is youth).
Hungry for the Chance.
Are jobless at the moment.
Not being able to study fulltime.
Have no further than one year of permanent employment with a single employer.
Candidates should also be in black, as described by the BEE.
Get a minimum Certificate of Grade 12.
In 2019 VWSA created job opportunities through the following platforms for 560 young graduates who were positions:
236 Within the network of VWSA Dealers across various regions.
254 With host country-wide SME partner.
70 Within (Uitenhage, NSO, as well as the Centurion Distribution Centre).
In 2020, VWSA will launch the YES programme, accepting submissions to be accepted by qualified young people.

To register for this program kindly go to the mobi site of Harambee and register for a profile there. The domain will be WWW.HARAMBEE.MOBI

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Please note that acceptance is not assured-all the necessary conditions must be met. Successful candidates will be positioned with any of the hosts where job opportunities are available nearest where he or she lives. Successful applicants can receive a 12 month stipend from the time they are paired with a host. That applicant will also undergo job preparation training which will support them in their work experience to prepare and direct them.

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