New company is looking for general workers


Checker Job at Professional Risk and Asset Management Logistics Deal Party, Eastern Cape

Stable situation:

Stockroom Checker for checking stock prior to being dispatched for conveyance to customers.

Pay = R4,500.00 each month.

Evaluation 12.

Genuine, dedicated individual with a reasonable criminal record (checks and polygraphs will be done before any arrangements are made).

Experience will be a preferred position however non-experience isn’t a major issue.

Application Deadline: 2021/03/05

Expected Start Date 2021/04/01

Occupation Types: Full-time, Permanent

Pay: R4,500.00 each month

Coronavirus Precaution(s):

• Temperature screenings

• Social removing rules set up

• Sanitizing, cleaning, or cleaning systems set up

About the Company

Organization: Professional Risk and Asset Management Logistics

Organization Location: Deal Party, Eastern Cape

Assessed Salary

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