Spar us looking for an assistant baker


Retail Baker Needed URGENTLY.

Dough puncher Job Responsibilities:

• Prepares, delivers, and heats cakes, breads, rolls, and a few treats.

• Sets time and speed controls for blending machines, or mixing machines, with the goal that fixings will be blended or cooked by directions.

• Measures or gauge flour or different fixings to plan hitters, batters, fillings, or whipped cream, utilizing scales or graduated compartments.

• Prepare decorates on a case by case basis for heated merchandise.

• Maintains sufficient stockpile of all readied items available and guarantees the legitimate stockpiling and refrigeration.

• Keeps decay/waste to a base by using legitimate amounts and pivoting items.

• Lines up heated items in versatile trucks as indicated by the necessities of the specific outlet or capacity.

• Cleans, separates, and takes care of all preparing hardware including: broilers, blenders, proofer, floors, cooler, and fridges.

Occupation Types: Full-time, Permanent


• Baking: 7 years (Preferred)

• Retail: 5 years (Preferred)

• Bread Rolls: 5 years (Preferred)

Work Remotely:

Coronavirus Precaution(s):

• Temperature screenings

• Sanitizing, cleaning, or cleaning systems set up

About the Company

Organization: Lyttelton Superspar

Organization Location: Centurion, Gauteng

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