Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Creditors want you to stay indebted forever to make profit

If You Want To Legally Reduce Your Debt Repayments, (By As Much As 60%) Then You Need To Read This

Today anyone can get into debt. Millions of people have unexpectedly found themselves at the mercy of their creditors.
Are you anxious because you never have enough money to pay the bills
Are you worried all the time because you don’t know how you are going to make it to the end of the month

Are you feeling guilty because you can’t take care of your family the way you want?

To survive tough choices need to be made.
You must keep a roof over your head, and food on the table. You work hard to keep the lights on and the heating going. And, you need your car and your phone to be able to work.
But, the bills keep piling up…
Credit Card, Bond, Car Repayments? Which one is the most urgent?
“Oh, don’t worry, that one can be paid later, it’s just...”.


Don't Fall for this Trap
Creditors will chase you like any other company.
Let’s be honest now. The Court is NOT your friend. They have services to pay for and a legal duty to take your money.
In truth, Courts have already been in the news. Accused with the “aggressive” use of the Sheriff.
In a recent survey, 62% of people struggling with debt were threatened with court action, and 51% were threatened with the Sheriff. The numbers increase daily.

And, Then Your Problems Really Start

Once you are in the clutches of the Sheriff of the court your debts will spiral. You will get threatened with the removal of your property. And, you can expect a barrage of aggressive phone calls.
You might still be thinking that the Court is on your side.
Just to put this into perspective, Courts have sent the Sheriff out to collect on amounts as small as R350! (in the process adding over R650 in additional costs). Where would you find that extra money? What would you have to sacrifice?

And They Aren't the Only Ones

The banks, credit card companies and other finance companies are all in on the act.
Don’t forget the “system” isn’t there to help you. The banks and credit cards companies are designed to “legally” extract money out of your account and put into theirs. Remember, they have spent millions to perfect this system.
Once your Bank realises you are a liability and not a source of profit see how quickly their attitude towards you changes. Have you ever spoken to their debt recovery department? They will barely give you the time of day.

As Far As They Are Concerned, You're Just A Number On A Credit Report

The last thing you want to do is just roll over and let debt take over control of your life.

Let's Face It, You WANT To Get Out Of Debt, You NEED To Get Out Of Debt
You need to do this now.
You have had enough sleepless nights. Enough arguments about money. Enough hiding in your home afraid to answer your own door. Enough of panicking every time the phone rings.
If this hasn’t happened to you already, it probably will very soon… faster than you can imagine.

Nobody Plans to be in Debt

You  didn’t either. The system is stacked against you.
But the repayments creep up. A credit card here, a car repayment, your council tax.
By the time you realise what is happening you are out of your depth. You do your fair share. You work hard for a living, but sometimes ends just don’t meet.

You Need A Real Solution, And You Need It Now!

Imagine your relief if you could:
Stop the phone from ringing every four hours
Stop the Sheriff knocking on your door – stopping the risk of their massive charges
Stop the late payment charges being added to your debt
Stop the interest charges from making your debt any bigger
Stop the defaults from being added to your credit score every month
And, it is perfectly legal…

The SA Government Fully Supports this Solution

But, you need to act now.
Your debts are not going to disappear. The Sheriff will keep coming. The creditors will keep ringing. The defaults, late payment charges and interest will keep mounting up.
If you ignore this warning YOU CAN LOSE EVERYTHING. You can lose your house, your car, EVERYTHING.
On the other hand (if you take this warning seriously) you can protect your family, your house, your car. More importantly, you can protect your quality of life.

And, you will have the opportunity to significantly reduce your debt payments, by as much as 60%.
You will secure your future
You will replace all your monthly payments with a single, manageable, affordable payment
You will replace all your debts with a single amount that could be 60% lower
You will stop your debt getting any larger through unfair costs and additions
You can protect your credit rating
You can protect your family and those you love
Best of all, once you take back control of your finances, you can take back control of your life…

Act NOW, Don't Let The Debt Get Any Bigger

The  process is fast, quick and easy. (Thousands of people like you have already done it):
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