The Fire Fighter learnership is a combined program which include Fire Training Academy and Fire and Rescue Services. The idea is to give an opportunity to qualified and talented individuals a chance to learn and train to become a professional and skilled fire fighter. Besides acquiring the knowledge and theoretical skills of the program, candidates will also get useful working experience and professional conduct when joining this program.

Table of Contents
About the Program
The Requirements
The Application
About the Program
The seasonal fire fighter leanership program is basically an uninformed post that needs several certain things from the participants. The first thing is that , the candidates must be fit and healthy physically and without any respiratory abnormalities or cardiac problem. They will have undergo a criminal check, medical evaluation, drug test, and fitness examination before the appointment.

The Requirements
There are many basic and general requirements for this program, such as:

The candidates must be at least 18 years old and above
They should have obtained at least level 3 AET certificate (or Stad 5/Grade 7)
They must be willing to complete theoretical and practical firefighting training

They must be comfortable with staying or to be stationed in (any) fire station in Cape Town City
They must have no criminal record
They must be ready to work 40hours in a week and they must be also be flexible to work in shifts
They must also be ready and willing to work overtime or any additional hours on short notice
They should be comfortable to work in a team
They should be able to work well under under stressful condition and situation

Learnership for 2019-2020 Periods
When sending the application for Fire Fighter learnership program, applicants must include these documents:

Original ID and its certified copy
Original educational level proof and its certified copy
They must also be in possession of running shoes, PT clothes, and refreshments for that day. They must be prepared for any weather condition.

Be advised that all candidates must pass the Fire and Rescue Service (standard) test that includes the following exercises:

Reach test up to 1.9 meter
Sit-ups – 30 times done within 60 seconds
Push-ups – 30 times done within 60 seconds
Run to 2.4 kilometers – should be done in 13 minutes for women and 12 minutes for men
Dead load carry – which include of 2 x 25 kilograms of drums within 100 meters distance
Apart from the physical test, candidates must also have the written test (and pass it) in comprehension and Mathematics. They should also pass the interview session.

The Application
Candidates should know that the application takes place on different dates and there is a certain mechanism to it. Candidates will be divided using the first letter of their surname. For example, those with surname starting with A to E should come to old Abbatoir premise at 53 Berkley Rd, Nd-abeni on August the 12th. The gate closes at 8 AM sharp. Those who come late will not be allowed to take part. And then candidates with surname starting with F to K should come to the same address on the next day (August the 13th) and so on. In general, it takes about 5 business days for all the candidates to go through the application process.

This is a yearly program that is conducted every year. Although the closing date usually takes place in August, it doesn’t hurt to regularly check the site at this link so you won’t miss this Fire Fighter learnership program.

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