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The Department of Public Works Roads and Transport has 100 freedoms for an entry level position Program on your controls inside the Department for the 2020/2021 Financial Year. Intrigued youthful jobless alumni with pertinent capabilities are welcome to apply for the beneath referenced freedoms that exist in different Department workplaces across the Province which incorporate Bahlabela, Ehlanzeni , Gert Sibande and Nkangala District Offices just as Head Office and Cost Centers Successful competitors will get a month to month payment of R6064 for Diploma/Degree capabilities

Administrative center

Office of the DDG

Public Management

Office of the CFO

Public Management

The executives Accounting

Monetary Management

Store network Management

Inward Audit/Financial Management Bachelor of Commerce

Information Management

Business Management

Public Management

ICT Management


Visual depiction Marketing/Journalism Public Relation

Legitimate Servies

Policy management/Paralegal capability

Inward Audit: Compliance Audit and Performance Audit

Unhitched male of Commerce in Accounting and inside Auditing/B-Tech Internal Auditing

Relentless Assets Management

Law Real Estate/Property Studies

Building Infrastructure

Amount Surveyor Office Administration

Transport Operations

Transport Management policy implementation

Plan and materials

Policy implementation/Financial Management

Armada Control

Office Administration and Computer Literacy

Workshop Services

Office Administration


Undertaking Implementation

Electrical and Building Science

Building Maintenance

Electrical and Building Science

Streets Maintenance

Structural Engineering

Property Management

Land Building Science


Petroleum Mechanics, Diesel Mechanics Mechanical Engineering

Working Licensing Board and Transport Inspectorate

Streets and Transport Management, Public Management

HRM and D

HR Management/Development/Public Management/Business Management


Monetary Management Logistics, SCM


HRM and D

Public Management/HRM

Transport Operations

Public/Transport Management/Equivalent

Worker Health and Wellness

Social Work/Psychological Equivalent

Property and Facilities


Public Management Project Management Equivalent

Streets Maintenance

Structural Engineering/Equivalent

Monetary Management

Money Management Accounting

Building Maintenance

Structural Engineering (Building Environment)


Diesel Mechanic/Auto Electrical Engineering/Earth Moving Equipment



Office Practice Public Manager

HRM and D

Policy implementation and Management Building

Task Implementation

Building Science


Policy implementation and Management

Building Maintenance

Electrical and Building Engineering

Street Maintenance

Structural Engineering

Monetary Management

Money, Logistics and Supply Chain Manager

Worker HEalth and Wellness

Social Work/Psychological/Social Science

Transport Inspectorate

Danger Management

Offices and Property

Property and Facility Management

Security Management

Security Management

Area GMT

Diesel Mechanical Engineering


Building Maintenance

Building/Electrical Engineering

Property Management

Public Management Property Management

Streets Infrastructure

Structural Engineering

Undertaking Implementation

Building/Quantity Surveyor Project Management

Transport Operations

Policy implementation

Monetary Manaegment

Monetary Accounting/Supply chain Management


Policy implementation/HAM/Labor Relations

Worker Health and Wellness

Social Work Public Management/related field of study

The Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Ladies and people with handicaps are additionally urged to apply. Applications ought to be submitted on structures acquired at any Government Department or at www.dpsa.gov.za/records. Under reference number wiite the Reference Unit of the post applying for.

Step by step instructions to Apply

Applications should be routed to

Head: Public Works, Roads and Transport

Note: Communication will be limited to the short recorded competitors as it were. Should you not get with the Department inside a quarter of a year from the end date of this promotion, consider your application declined.

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