Everything You Need To Know About The SAPS Learnerships

Learnerships are work- grounded literacy programmes conforming of both proposition and practical rudiments that give you an occasion to gain workexperience.However, you might want to consider applying for the South African Police Services( SAPS) learnership programme, If you’re interested in joining in the police force.

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Learnerships in South Africa are generally managed by Sector Education Training( SETAs) and were originally introduced by the government to help prepare learners for the plant.
Each time, SAPS learnerships are handed to interested campaigners, and they’re announced across the country and within each fiefdom. campaigners who wish to apply for the learnerships must do so within their fiefdom.

numerous of the SAPS learnerships are carried out over a 24- month period, with campaigners entering a yearly paycheck for the duration of the learnership.
Campaigners will gain chops and knowledge in colorful aspects of police work, for illustration, business accidents, business, and road laws, causes of business accidents and felonious conditioning.

SAPS Learnership may Include the following
Road Policing
Freeway Patrol
By- Law Policing
The Equestrian Unit
Crime Forestallment
The Canine Unit
SAPS Learnership Enrollment Conditions
Must be South African citizen with valid SA ID
Grade 12/ Matric Certificate
campaigners must be mentally & physically fit
English, read, write, and speak
Campaigners must hold NO felonious record
campaigners must Computer knowledgeable
campaigners must hold a valid law B motorist’s license

Be tone- motivated and a platoon player
Campaigners must have great liaison chops
campaigners must retain leadership chops
Shortlisted campaigners may be needed to do the following
An English Proficiency Test
A Fitness Test, including running- Males2.4 km in 11 twinkles, Ladies2.4 km in14.30 twinkles
A Medical Examination
give a Medical Certificate proving campaigners may partake in emphatic exercises( Physical Examination)
Handicap Course- Males must complete within 3 twinkles, Ladies within 4 twinkles
Arm Training-Practical & Theoretical
How to apply for a SAPS Learnership
It’s important to note that there are no online operation processes for these learnerships.
All operation forms are to be collected from the SAPS Department services within the campaigners Region or Province and formerly completed returned back to the office it was collected from. campaigners must insure that all requested documents are attached and are certified.
All campaigners are needed to include a detailed class vitae with contact details, contactable references, as well as any information they feel may be useful to their operation.
SAPS Learnership operation open and closing dates are entirely dependent on the colorful police departments so it’s judicious to visit your original SAPS to find out further about the learnership openings.

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