The Pick n Pay Group is one of Africa’s largest and most constantly successful retailers of food, general wares and apparel. This is how to apply for jobs at Pick n Pay.

How To Apply For Jobs At Pick N Pay Stores
Pick n Pay say they welcome people whose values are aligned with there own, videlicet, honesty, integrity, and responsibility.

still, you can follow the below way to apply, If you’re looking for a career in one of Pick n Pay’s stores. It’s simply.


Visit the Pick n Pay career point
Subscribe In/ produce An Account
still, you ’ll need to produce a new account, If you formerly have an account you can subscribe in and start applying! If you don’t have an account. This should be a quick and easy process

Enter your Username, word and Dispatch
Fill out your particular information
Attach your CV/ Resume
Review information
Save/ Register
Browse Available Jobs
Once your profile is set up, you’re ready to start applying! You ’ll be suitable to browse the vacuities and hunt by position, job title announcement keywords. Click on the job you want to find out further about- this will show you the conditions, duties and other applicable information.

Once you ’ve set up the job for you, just hit “ Apply ” and follow the prompts. And there you have it!
So if you want to work for Pick n Pay, the process is easy and simple. Click Then to get started.

To work at a Pick n Pay store you’ll need the following

A South African ID
Be Suitable to work retail hours, including weekends and Public leaves
A minimal qualification of Grade 10- 12( or original)
Pick n Pay Group reserves the right to conduct Employee Verification Checks, including but not limited to Felonious and Credit Checks
still, your operation was unprofitable, If you have not heard back within 30 days.

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