Rand Water Learnerships Available
still, campaigners may look at a variety of career paths, still, If you’re planning to apply for a learnership with Rand Water.

Then are some of the fields availablePlumbing
Analytical Chemistry
Water Care
Water Application
Water Agents
Water Resource Management
Water Purification

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still, campaigners may apply, If you meet all other conditions as is quested on the operation form. Then are some of the introductory conditions campaigners can look at. utmost of their learnerships will be for a duration of 36 months.
To study in one of the fields offered by the Department, a seeker will bear the following

Grade 12 position of education including Mathematics and Science
Depending on the field applying, applicable parchment or degree is needed
Complete in English( read, write & speak)
Be a South African citizen
retain a valid South African ID document
seeker must be jobless
Seeker must be youngish than 35
campaigners need to attach pukka clones of all attestation, please keep original, and only give pukka clones.? Deficient or late operations won’t be considered.
Campaigners must insure they add the following pukka documents

Curriculum Vitae
ID document
provocation Letter
operations entered from particulargroups?will be given preference.
Learnerships online operations are made accessible once they come available.? campaigners will find these learnerships announced or on their web runner via their Careers runner once they open.
Campaigners must please confirm that the operation form is filled- in, in a comprehendible jotting. All fields must be completed in full, no blank spaces, and the operation inked by the aspirant tone. Because of the high quantum of cessions they admit, only those who have qualified will be communicated with. These campaigners will also be needed to attend an interview, before awarding of the learnerships.

RandWater?s process is developed to round their systems, procedures and practices. They’ve a detailed selection process, with the placement of professionals who partake their fair and effective labor legislations. They give equal openings to all campaigners, delivering stable, competent and motivated campaigners to the pool. Their process ensures that all their staff admit expert training, hands- on experience and are given all openings to develop.

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