Title: Fidelity Security Job Opportunities: Apply Now via Email

Introduction to Fidelity Security

Fidelity Security, a prominent security solutions provider in South Africa since 1957, is inviting qualified individuals to join its dynamic team. With over 45,000 skilled employees, Fidelity Security is known for delivering top-notch security services to diverse clients, ranging from residential to financial institutions.

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Available Job Positions


Explore exciting job opportunities at Fidelity Security, including:


Security Officer


Responsibilities: Surveillance monitoring, patrolling, and reporting.

Requirements: Valid PSIRA certificate, minimum two years of security experience.

Armed Response Officer


Responsibilities: Responding to alarms and emergencies, collaborating with authorities.

Requirements: Valid PSIRA certificate, minimum three years of security experience, firearm competency.

Control Room Operator


Responsibilities: Monitoring surveillance, dispatching officers, ensuring premise security.

Requirements: Valid PSIRA certificate, minimum two years of security experience, excellent communication skills.

Administration Clerk


Responsibilities: Managing paperwork, coordinating training, office administration.

Requirements: Minimum matric certificate, diploma in office administration (advantageous), proficiency in Microsoft Office.

How to Apply for Fidelity Security Vacancies


Choose from the following application methods:

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Visit the official website, explore vacancies, and submit your application online.

Submit Your Application in Person


Visit a Fidelity Security branch with your resume and relevant documents.

Send an Email Application


Email your CV and cover letter to [email protected], specifying the job position in the subject line.

Use a Recruitment Agency


Collaborate with a recruitment agency for personalized assistance in applying for Fidelity Security positions.

Contacting Fidelity Security HR Department for Job Inquiries


For inquiries, follow these steps:


Check the Fidelity Security Career Website


Explore job vacancies and application guidelines on the official career website.

Submit Your Application Online


Create a profile, upload your resume, and submit your application on the website.

Contact Fidelity Security HR Department


Reach out via phone (1-800-XXX-XXXX), email ([email protected]), or LinkedIn for assistance.

Follow Up on Your Application


Politely inquire about the status of your application via email or phone.

The Importance of Security Personnel in Today’s World


Security personnel are vital in safeguarding individuals and communities. Fidelity Security Group, dedicated to excellence, welcomes passionate individuals to contribute to their mission. Contact them at [email protected] to explore available vacancies.


In summary, Fidelity Security offers diverse career opportunities. Whether you’re a security professional or aspiring to join the field, Fidelity Security provides a platform for growth and making a positive impact on your community. Email them today to embark on a fulfilling career in security

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